Went in not knowing what I wanted just told owner I wanted a strong flavor he went out of his way making sure I was happy with the flavor, letting me sample many before I pulled out my wallet. Best shop I've been to so far.

John Mckenzie

Always super friendly and informative, a really laid-back atmosphere and good pricing. Although I'm closer to all the shops in Portland, it's definitely worth the little bit longer drive. (Also, there's a little dog that hangs out there, always a plus) This is the only place I'll go!

Morgan Taylor Mulkern

Great friendly place very helpful me an my wife wont go anywhere else we found the vape shop we like so now we wont go anywhere else I will be in the market for a new mod an this is the shop I will be getting it at!!

Al Bellao Jr.

Amazing service,every visit is educational, always has answers for all questions and awesome customer service

Joe Mulkern

I loved my first time in this store. The owner was VERY HELPFUL and knowledgeable in my opinion! I HIGHLY recommend this store to anyone that vapes in any capacity! LOVE THIS STORE!

Tad Lurvey

So my son introduced me to Mainely vapes, he buys zero nic juice there, the owners are awesome and very helpful. If you are interested in vaping they can answer all your questions and set you up with a vape pen or box that fits your needs and desires.

Jeffrey Smith

Honestly, some of the best people I've met here. They know the merchandise and are very happy to help you with any questions you may have. There is a wide selection of both juice, and hardware. Youll fimd what your looking for. No matter what level of experience you have in vaping, the crew here will assist you with any questions you may have.

Kyle Marks

I just went there for the second time and they are helpful not trying to sell u anything it my first time trying to vape and they help me out to get started and I bought "kilo kiberry yogurt" and I love I will get all my vape stuff from them

Wil da Boss

Very nice owner! Student discounts and you can earn points! Vape juices were amazing and they were reasonable prices!

Coby Porter

Love this shop! Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable owners, and their prices are excellent! Thank U

Charmaine Cantor